Monday, November 18, 2013

Essential Touch Therapeutics Wichita KS Massage Review

I couldn't find anywhere else to write this review, so here it is! 3 out of 5 stars.

I appreciate thorough and honest reviews and I have yet to find a single review online for this place so I just had to write one. Sorry if it turns into a novel. I've labled the important bits with * in case you want a faster read.

* I just received a 60 minute massage at Essential Touch Therapeutics by Randy Wiley here in Wichita. Overall it was okay. Had I not gotten the Groupon half off discount however, I would have been more disappointed (you get what you pay for right?), but for just $30 it was okay. *

I got there 5 minutes before my appointment. The door was locked and the open sign was in the window. I knock. No answer. Weird. But after two minutes, just as I was about to call the number listed, he pulled up in the parking lot. Apparently he had an errand to run and was running late. "Sorry, I didn't think it would take that long" he said. "Oh that's okay" I said. Not very professional in my opinion but it's understandable and not really a big deal. Things happen sometimes and you can't help it. Moving on.

* Unfortunately he wasn't very personable.* That's the word for it right? Like how he only said maybe 4 sentences to me the whole time I was there? He handed me the usual sheet that you fill out, said "here" and then proceeded to make phone calls. I finish the paper, give it to him, he barely glances at it and lays it aside.
  "Do you need to go to the bathroom or are you good to go?"
  "Nope I'm fine."  He points me towards the room.

* The lighting is nicely dim, the temperature is good and there is soft music playing. An addition of a scented candle or melted wax warmer would have been nice, like most places have, but I didn't notice one while I was there. *

  "Okay, there's a chair there for your stuff. I'll step out for a minute so you can get undressed. Do you get massages often?"
  "Not as often as I'd like, ha... but yeah I've had a few."
  "Okay do you usually undress completely or just down to your underwear or what?"
  "Uh... just down to underwear."
  "Okay, go ahead, and then lie face down here under the sheet. I'm Randy by the way."
"Andi. Hi."
Or that's about how the conversation went. Awkward. Anyway, then he left the room. So I get ready to go, and wait. And wait. It would have been nice to have something other than just a sheet over me.

* No blanket, just a sheet, got kind of cold after a while. The bed was heated though so that was nice.*

Then he comes back in and just starts. No talking at all for the next hour except when I asked him to push harder (he obviously didn't read my preference for "firm" pressure on the paper I filled out), and once when he asked me if I was cold and then turned the heat on the bed up. Also he asked if I bruise easily. But that was it. Not much of a Chatty Cathy, which some people might like, but there are a few phrases that would have been nice. You know, normal conversation. Like "Hi, how are you? I'm Randy, what's your name? It's nice to meet you. Are there any areas you want me to focus on? Are you having pain anywhere right now? Is that pressure okay?" Yeah... that all seems like pretty normal things to say to a person you're giving a massage to, yet none of it was said.

* So the first part of the massage was fine, although he wasn't pushing hard enough. So I asked him to and it got better. It was really nice and relaxing for a while. Yay! But then he got to my rear end, and spent a little too much time there if you ask me. *
* He also really needs to work on his draping. You know like where they place the blanket so that only the part they are working on is uncovered. Well most people make a slow, presise movement. Leaving you modestly covered and comfy while they massage a certain area. But not this guy. He just flung the sheet over so half my butt (in undies) was showing and proceeded to rub my lower back, butt, and upper thigh. Now I don't mind a nice butt massage but this was kind of uncomfortable. Especially considering the length of it. Then he moved onto the other side, again flinging the sheet out of the way. Now if that was the only problem then I could have let it slide. Not a huge deal. But then he had me turn over.*

* With no warning he lifts up the whole sheet and says, "okay go ahead and turn over". He wasn't peeking or anything but still...
But then he moved the sheet to rub my leg... and he got WAY too close to my underwear line. And he kept rubbing my inner thigh... I did not come here for a crotch massage thank you very much! Then he moved on and rubbed my feet, which was nice. But then he went up top. So I'm lying on my back with nothing but a sheet to cover me and he starts rubbing my neck. Okay, not so bad. But then he moves his hands down, getting dangerously close to my chest! No thank you! I came here to relax, not worry that I'm about to get felt up! *

* Now I suppose I should mention that he never did technically cross a line, and he was massaging muscles that needed massaging, but he didn't have to get so close to second base. If you know what I mean... *

* After that he rubbed my head and face for a while, which I probably could have done without. Oh also he used some pressure points throughout which was nice. Then he used a big vibrating massager on my back, which I just found annoying.*

Then after 58 minutes it was done. I checked the time. Thanks man. I won't be comming back. Overall the first half of the massage was nice, and the second half made me uncomfortable. But maybe if you have a decent conversation about expectations with him before hand then you'll have a better experience. Personally I'm just gonna go elsewhere.

** Pros:  Great back and neck massage!
               Cheap with a groupon. **

** Cons:  Not personable.
               Started late. Ended early.
               Massage NOT tailored to the client.
               Creepy. Made me feel uncomfortable. **

The end.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Adventures of Baby Nope

Now that my baby is a year old he has started being more demanding, and clearly has a mind of his own.

 While he can't yet say "nope", I do imagine that's what he's thinking when he screams and fights me on occasion.

A lot of occasions.

So, here are his adventures. The adventures of Baby Nope.

Part one:  Boogers.

Ugh. I know I can't possibly be the only one that has spent 10 minutes trying to clean snot of their baby.

 If he would JUST HOLD STILL!!!

But nooooo, tissues are EVIL.  Didn't you know that?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Best Roasted Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

I love pumpkin seeds! I could eat them everyday. I could eat them in some hay. I will eat them here and there. I will eat them everywhere!

Anyways..... I know there are several recipes out there, but here is my favorite.

Once you get the seeds out of the pumpkin give them a quick rinse.
Next boil them in a few cups of water with about half a tablespoon of salt for 5 minutes.
Drain them and place them on a cookie sheet, spread out evenly in a single layer.
Drizzle with olive oil and a hearty sprinkling of season salt.
Mix them around to insure an even coating, then spread back out in single layer.
Bake at 400* for about 20 minutes, stirring once halfway through.

Keep and eye on them so they don't burn!
Cooking time will be less if you have less seeds.
They should be a light golden brown when done.
The season all/ season salt is what makes them AMAZING!!
Allow to cool before devouring!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

 Elijah started preschool today and Jackson is almost 6 months old (and almost crawling!!). My how time flies when you're busy driving your mamma crazy :)

Also in recent news, my brother graduated basic training!! Now he's at tech school for 5 months or thereabouts. I'm really proud of him for accomplishing his goal and I hope he will get through his classes on the first try! I've heard it's pretty hard (the job he is training for) but I'm sure he can handle it.

 Awwwww :)

We've got a lot of projects in mind for our new house. Perhaps once we actually get around to starting one I will post some pictures. Hopefully that's not too far off! I did finally get our family pictures hung up though. I did a collage of family photos over the couch. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Well that's all for now folks :)